Franchise Consulting

Leverage our community of franchise consultants to guide you to success.

The Naranga Consultants you will be working with are selected based on their extensive franchise and business experience and expertise. All Consultants have senior level functional area leadership and “on the ground” execution ranging from high level strategic planning to field level tactical execution. The Consultants are experts at all phases of a franchisor and franchisee life-cycle.

Naranga Business Consultants can recommend and implement improvements in your business to help you achieve better financial and brand growth results, while you, your team, and your franchisees enjoy their roles and responsibilities, and the synergy of the Franchisor and Franchisee relationship.

Additional Areas of Expertise:

Strategic Planning

Franchisor and Franchisee Financial Planning
Human Capital/Infrastructure Planning
Sales Growth Planning

Real Estate

Market Targeting and Planning
Site Selection/Territory Designation
Site Development/Project Management


Franchisee Initial and On-Going Training
Training Manual Accuracy and Updates
Corporate Staff Training and Professional Development


Franchisee Reporting, Royalty and Fee Collections
Credit Committee- Collections- Default Cures/Work-outs
Capital Planning/Budgeting/ Financing


Systems Analysis and Support- Training
Systems Integration
Supplier Sourcing and Management

Franchisor/Franchisee Relationship

Franchisee Communication Plan
Building and Maintaining Trust- Dispute Resolution
Franchisee Advisory Council


Manage Your Franchisee Leads
Should I Use A Broker?
What Events Should I Attend?

Operations Support

Franchisee Support Structure-Staff Accountability
Operations Manual Accuracy and Updates
Standards and Regulatory Compliance/Q.A. Inspection Reports


National Ad Fund Management
Local Marketing Plan-Ad Spend- ROI- Compliance
Franchisee Recruitment Marketing Plan and Budgeting

Human Resources

Talent Acquisition and Retention
Regulatory Compliance
Employee Handbook- Job Descriptions- Roles and Responsibilities

Unit Level Economics

Financial Performance Metrics and Measurements
Breakeven Analysis- Gross Margins Analysis
Unit Business Development-Customer Acquisition and Retention


Franchise Your Business
Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD’s)
Partner Dispute Resolution


Meetings for Owners or Advisory Boards
Successful Discovery Days
Training Classes for New Franchisees

Franchise Development

Comprehensive Franchisee Recruitment Process- Franchise Law Compliance
Franchisee Recruitment Marketing Plan and Budgeting
FDD Updates and Maintenance- Structure and Economics

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