Lead Management


This easy-to-use software helps capture, qualify and convert more leads into sales.

emaximation simplifies your lead generation, sales and marketing process

You’re always trying to prioritize growth.

Success leads to scaling and scaling leads to more success. You’ve probably got a lead generation strategy in place, but is it effective? How often does the trail go cold? How often have things gotten missed? How many times has someone forgotten to follow-up? All of these result in lost opportunities and revenue.

Take control of your entire sales pipeline.

emaximation automates every step of the sales cycle. Track and manage all of your prospects in real-time. Create lists and alerts to stay on top of every lead. Quickly connect those leads to email campaigns or other digital marketing efforts to gauge your prospects’ interest. emaximation reduces your sales costs, streamlines lead flow and increases your conversion rates to grow your business faster.

With emaximation, you can:


Easily distribute sales team assignments and prioritize their tasks


Manage all lead tracking and sales performance in a centralized location

Follow Up

Immediately engage prospective clients with automated email marketing tools


Transfer those leads you’ve been cultivating into clients

Watch emaximation come to life.

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