June 28, 2016–Border Magic, headquartered out of Waco, Texas, is the leading franchise organization in decorative landscape edging. With over 80 locations across the United States, Border Magic consistently enhances long-term property values for their clients.

With loyalty and longevity towards Naranga’s lead management solution, emaximation, Border Magic has found much success in its platform to capture, qualify, and convert more leads. In addition to emaximation, Border Magic has chosen Naranga to assist their brand by centralizing all of their operations management with the use of ncompass. As Border Magic continues to grow its number of locations, there is no better time than now for ncompass to scale their growth.

Naranga will be a key attribute towards the ceaseless expansion of Border Magic. From lead generation and sales and marketing automation to centralizing operations management, Naranga is equipped with the technology to effectively support Border Magic’s journey!

Border Magic has separated themselves from their competition quite nicely. By providing durable and continuous decorative edging and curbing for both residential and commercial properties, averaging in a day’s time, there’s no question to the success and lure of this outstanding brand.